Yes!! I am reviewing my computer chap.

This is something I don’t do!! That’s right I am going to write a review about my computer guy who built my new editing rig. So, for all you Photography and media peeps out there pay close attention.

Buying a new computer for work, as a media creator, is a daunting task. The options and prices are vastly different and knowing exactly what you want can be harder to find than you would think. Recently I was in the fortunate position to make an investment in my business in the form of a new desktop. Why did I need one I hear you ask? Well the answer is simple, I have decided to go into video editing over and above the resource intensive Photoshop and Lightroom that I already use.

My laptop was just no longer coping and I had pretty much used it to death. I knew I would probably get more bang for my buck if I had a PC built rather than buying a complete unit from a store. That way I could spend here and save there depending on my requirements. My laptop which was, at the time of purchase, a 16k machine with an I7 processor was now taking around 2 minutes to boot up, 2 minutes to start Photoshop and would come to a standstill around the 6 or 7th image editing area.

So, in an attempt to save some cash and squeeze some life out of my 4 and half year-old laptop I contacted Marko Vogler from V-Tek PC solutions. Marko took a look at my Laptop and asked me if he could keep it for the weekend to just try and clean it up. One thing struck me immediately about Marko and that was his passion when speaking about computers. You can tell a lot about a person in the way they talk about their business.

Marko cleaned up my laptop and it was working again better than before, however he did say it was not going to last me too long especially with my requirements for photography. The price tag for the service isn’t even worth mentioning, I paid it with a smile.

Jump forward a few months and I decided to invest in a desktop rig that can edit photos and videos without kakking off. So, I contacted Marko and went to see him. We sat at his place with a cup of coffee and chatted in-depth about my needs. I told him my budget and asked him to try and get me as close to what I need as possible. My budget was not large considering what I needed and Marko had his work cut out for him.

A couple days later Marko contacted me and said he could make it work if I could find another grand. I decided that he knew best and I said sure lets do it. I paid him and a week later I had my brand new rig built and set up and ready to go. Designed for me and my workflow. I can’t begin to tell you how much time I save now that I have a rig that WORKS!!! I also took Markos invoice which was very detailed and checked the pricing online at a few of the top places which always came back more expensive than Marko. That blows me away.

Since receiving my new editing machine Marko has kept in touch with me checking up how the computer is running and making sure that I am happy. And I AM!! Boot up time from cold, about 15 secs, Photoshop and Lightroom start almost instantly and have no problems with hard workflows. And I render out a HIRES full HD 10 minute video in a couple of minutes. Scrubbing through footage during editing is smooth and instant and all playbacks are at 100% without any buffering. I am amazed and so happy with it.

For you geeks out there this is what I have, basically:

Intel Core i7 – 7700 Kaby Lake – MSI B250M Pro gaming Motherboard – MSI Geoforce GTX 1050 Ti 4gb overclocked edition – cool gaming case (black) with Led lighting on the fans etc – 600w power supply – 16 gigs of ddr4 high performance ram – Antec cooler with led fan – 275 gig ultra ssd (for operating system and editing software) – 2 x WD 2 tb internal hardrives – 2TB external hardrive – Dell wide Gamut screen – Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard – built in multicard reader which is awesome.  That’s the basics. And I have plenty room for expansion and upgrades. I can’t recommend Marko enough. Here are his details:

Marko Vogler

V-Tek PC Solutions

Cell: 079 331 4693

Fax 086 694 9268



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