Review of the Hahnel Modus 600RT Speedlights and accessories for Canon.

I was recently asked by my friends at Studio22 to test the new Hahnel 600RT Speedlights and some other fun gear that came with it. I once again jumped at the opportunity.

There is something really satisfying about testing gear and giving people your honest feedback. I am in no way paid for these reviews and do it purely from an interest point of view.

Firstly let me discuss the main focus of this review as I will be talking about quite a few different pieces of kit. The Speedlights come in a few different configuration packages.

1.) Hahnel Modus 600RT Speedlight for Canon or Nikon (just one single speedlight at R3995.95)

2.) Hahnel Modus 600RT Speedlight and a TTL Viper Transmitter for Canon or Nikon ( The speedlight with a high speed TTL trigger set at R4995.95)

3.) Hahnel Modus 600RT Speedlight wireless kit (2x speedlights and a HSS TTL Transmiter at R7895.95)


The build quality is impressive with the light units feeling sturdy and well put together, which is something I really need as I am forever having speedlights blow over in the wind.

Before I get into the obligatory geek spec section of the review I have to mention one thing that blew me away. The fact that these lights dont take 4 AA batteries but rather a single rechargeable Extreme Li-lon battery, that fires around 500 times on full power and around 750 times in TTL. Now if you have ever worked an event that requires a lot of bounce flash then you will know the struggle of walking around weighed down with tons of AA batteries in all your pockets and in some extreme cases in places you shouldn’t have batteries. At just under a grand for another battery you can do a full event with 2 batteries. That’s amazing!!! I mean….I was totally blown away. And yes, I am aware that you can buy speedlight battery packs that clip onto your belt…..sure… total geek gear.

Right lets get onto the specs:

60GN at ISO100

Powerful digital 2.4GHz wireless transmission with up to 100m range

Built in wireless Receiver & Transmitter

Supports High-speed sync up to 1/8000th second shutter speed

Increased reliability with continuous data transmission

Supports optical wireless connection with other 3rd party flash units

Through the lens metering

Supports on camera and wireless second-curtain sync

Built in Micro USB allows new firmware updates as they become available

Fast flash recycle time

Set the flash coverage automatically or manually from 20 to 200mm

Full manual power control of the flash

Adjusts the flash output when the flash is used in TTL mode

Powered by Extreme MD1 with battery charger included

550 shots using full power

Use Flashgun as Master or Slave

Multiple flash setting used in Stroboscopic Flash Photography

Digital Channel Matching for integration with other hähnel products

Ok so what was it like working with the gear I got? Well in a nutshell it was an absolute pleasure. I was given the 2x speedlights with the trigger, a lightstand/foldup softbox combo (softbox was incredible and massive at 80×80. This thing folded into a tiny pouch)

Jason Children Photography

I headed into the city with Elin Wilkins, a model I work with from time to time. The idea was to just put the speedlights and soft-box through their paces. I was immediately impressed with the quality of light I got from this gear. The trigger system worked perfectly which allowed me to just focus on getting some nice portrait shots.

The next shoot I did was with Raven Mychelle, a Canadian model. We decided on creating something a little edgier and used the HSS to dumb down the background in a few shots. Again the gear worked really well doing exactly what I wanted it to do.

I was also given an accessories box filled with fun Hahnel gear for the speedlights. Gels, Honeycomb grid and snoots etc. I played around with some of this gear while shooting some lifestyle images for Studio K. Kayla is a fantastic MUA I use from time to time.

All in all I was very impressed with all the Hahnel gear I tested. For a relatively small capital outlay you can set yourself up with a speedlight, softbox, stand and some cool accessories to really expand your photographic horizons. Don’t be scared to make mistakes, that’s how we learn. You can find the Hahnel gear at

Until my next blog keep shooting!

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