Review of the Falcon Eyes Satel One Flash!!!

Jason Children PhotographyI was recently asked by my friends at studio22 to test the new Falcon Eyes Satel One flash system.

I was really amped about it as I had a shoot coming up for a wedding on a golf course.

The first thing that struck me about this flash unit was how easy it was to carry. It comes in a compact case that has the flash system inside it, a trigger set, a dish modifier, a place for the battery and a hand-held handle in order for you to allow an assistant to hold the light for you which gives you fantastic mobility, and has amazing potential.

But let’s get the specs of the way first:

600W flash giving you incredible power. The unit has the ability to flash 300 times on full power, which is more than you would need on the average shoot especially since its rare to be shooting on maximum power with this flash.

the internal battery has a USB port allowing you to charge your USB devices directly from the battery, so if you are on a location and you find yourself running out of mobile phone power, you can plug your mobile phone into the battery. I think is a fantastic option.

The unit comes with a touch screen control system which also tilts so even if you have the flash placed high up above you you can tilt the control panel so that you can see what your settings are without having to lower the light.

The trigger system that comes with the flash allows your camera to speak directly to the flash unit which has a built-in receiver. The flash has the ability for high speed sync up to 1/8000 however you would require a high speed sync trigger set.

So with the basic technical stuff out the way let’s get onto the actual shoots.

This first image was taken just before we headed to our shoot location on the course. I sat the bride, Bianca, down on some grass just under a tree and used the flash as a fill light to create a beauty image.

Jason Children Photography

Once we reached our shoot location on the course I had the sun setting behind them so I backed lit them using the sun and then used the Satel One, with a shoot through umbrella modifier, as fill flash.

Jason Children Photography

I was immediately impressed with the power of this unit and the ability to light my scene just the way I wanted it, giving well exposed images and at the same time keeping the image looking really natural. The 600 watt power also comes in very handy when you’re trying to include more of the scene in the photograph and don’t want the flash in the photo, which is then going to create more post-production work. Your ability to limit your post-production work is very important to speed up your workflow.

Jason Children Photography


The flash was fantastic and never missed a beat. It fired reliably and I was very happy with the results.

Jason Children Photography

So my final thoughts on this flash system as I think back to that beautiful wedding and the fun photos we captured?

Let’s get past the price, which is R10000 and not bad at all for a system like that. Its available at The unit is amazing, it does exactly what you want a flash system to do I had no white balance issues, it worked when I wanted it to work, it gave me well exposed images, it was a light weight and easy to use.

So the Falcon Eyes Satel One 600W gets a massive thumbs up from me. Check it out at Studio22.

Disclaimer: This was not in anyway a paid review.

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