Review of the Broncolor Siros Flash System!!!

BroncolorBecause of the great relationship I have with Studio22 I often get asked to review gear. Recently Studio22 invited me to spend some time shooting with a couple of model friends of mine to test out the new Broncolor Siros system.

The Flash Unit looks well made. It has a great look and feel, and is very easy to navigate. I didn’t have to read any manuals to work out how to use the system it was intuitive. The Broncolor Siros comes in 400 to 800 Watt units and has the ability to shoot at HSS of 1/8000 of a second. It has a built in receiver and the transmitters are sold separately (check Studio22 for pricing) If you want to take advantage of the HSS then you need to purchase the Broncolor RFS 2.2 trigger. As a side note, I do feel that for the kind of money you are paying for these light systems a proper HSS trigger system should be included. The lights adjust at increments of 1/10th of a stop which is fantastic and gives you amazing control. They have a 9 stop range.

I started out by shooting the models on a plain white Infinity wall with various Broncolor modifiers that were available.

Jason Children Photography

Some were 1 light setups while I also used the second available light as an edge/rim light. I absolutely love these lights, the quality of light during multiple activations is constant. They are easy to use and feel professional and reliable. Exactly what I would expect from Broncolor.

Jason Children Photography


After a quick session on the infinity wall we moved over to a black wall/divider in the studio to get a little more creative. I took some shoots using the grids and beauty dish and once again I was blown away by the quality and reliability of the Siro system.

A massive thank you and huge love for these two girls. Raven and Kelly-Lee are awesome and I am glad to call them my China’s!!!

The Broncolor Siros system can fire around 400 shots at max power on a full battery which is amazing and I would never see myself during an hour session firing more than 400 shots. And to be totally honest you probably wouldn’t be using the system at full power anyway which means around 600 – 800 shots on a battery (I haven’t tested this but would love to).

Go and check out this link at Studio22 to see what offers they currently have on the Siros system.


  • Incredibly well-built stylish looking lighting system powerful enough to handle any situation.
  • The ability to adjust the power levels at 1/10th of a stop.
  • Wide range of Broncolor modifiers available.
  • The ability to shoot in high-speed sync up to 1 8000th of a second.
  • Amazing quality of light and reliability.



I have just 2 Cons. Firstly the unit doesn’t come with a HSS trigger and it really should. Secondly moving the lights around the studio I got the impression they were fairly heavy which might be a ball ache at some of the more remote locations we like to shoot in the Cape. After all they are battery driven and therefore perfect for location shooting.


So, I love the system and why wouldn’t I? Broncolor make great quality gear. I only got to test the system in a studio environment and would love the opportunity to test it in a real world location shoot environment. Who knows, maybe Broncolor will hook me up. Happy shooting!!!

(This is in no way a paid endorsement)

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